Thursday, April 24, 2014

Bundy, Gov. Perry, and Hannity - never bet on the wrong horse

This guy, Clive Bundy, is, in a great big long word, adumbasssonofabitch.  That's Texan or Nevada speak for Dumb Ass Son of a Bitch.  He owes a million bucks for grazing his cattle on public land for 20+ years.  He has had several days in court to re-affirm he owes a million bucks.  When government representatives (i.e. law enforcement) showed up to right this situation, it became something of a clear division between law and order and total anarchy.

Let's be clear. Bundy is a racist SOB living off the public dole. I hope he rots in jail.  Did the government behave in appropriately in trying to collect a debt...yup. it was more than overkill.  If they had to go back and get him now would their show of force be appropriate? Ya'betcha'.

Governor Perry of the Republic of Texas

This is Sean Hannity just in case
Enter Governor Perry from the great Republic of Texas.  He has issued a warning - a shot across the bow so to speak - that the Bureau of Land Management  (BLN) shouldn't try any of that Nevada stuff in his state. OR WHAT RICK?  You everlovin' idiot, who are you going to shoot first? Some Marshal?

And that brings me to my favorite pea brain...Sean Hannity.  He has gone "all in" in his game of cards in his support of this creature Bundy ("Niggers happier planting cotton").  Jon Stewart did a pretty good number on him on the Daily Show. (below). But you can't tap dance on a pin and have it sink in.

So Sean, Ranger Rick and Clive - get into a canoe and paddle off.  I think we have seen all there is to see.

Giuoco delle coppie Garby Leon

game of the pairs
I'm pretty accustomed to writing small stuff over the passing of friends and family.  The older one gets, the more the opportunity presents itself.  It helps me get through deaths and losses so don't expect any great "The sun, for sorrowwill not show his head. Go hence, to have more talk of these sad things" type of thing

Hubert Francis "Garby" Leon died the other day.  He was about 67 and had a remarkable life and career. More so, he had friends.  Some are pretty smart and talented folks and others not so much.  I don't think that mattered to him.  A grand trait.  More on that later.

Fifty odd years ago, there was a batch of recordings of Bartok's Concerto for Orchestra.  It was the rage. Garby had a phonograph in his room and we would listen to it.  I didn't know Bartok from Adam at the time. He did; mostly through piano pieces but he had the score to this one and I had the opportunity to learn it and we talked about it for long stretches over board games of Gettysburg.

We lived in a small town in Michigan.  At the time, we attended Washington Intermediate.  The school had
just a couple rooms each for grades 5-8. Pairs. Our band (he played oboe) numbered perhaps 45 players 16 of whom went on to be professional musicians, music teachers and performers. He wasn't much of an oboist but everyone recognized him as being a good person, very bright, and with a musical bag of tricks...well...a really deep bag.  I envied his talent.  My mother loved him because we were "safe" together.

I put up a jpeg of the first page of the second movement of the Bartok work because, in my mind, that is him in a nutshell.  The drum introduction - certainly a different drummer played in his mind - and to the point "Giuoco delle coppie" of the pairs.

I looked at the comments on Garby's Facebook page and tracked out those who posted after learning of his death.  They are an assorted lot of musicians, film industry folks, friends from his various colleges, roommates, and an occasional "not-assigned". But, you see that was his "game of the pairs".  He paired with all comers.  He danced with everyone and found a purchase no matter. His was the same tune with different instruments.

See you soon my friend.  Wait up.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Great Scott !! Grüss Gott

This is the Governor of Florida. Fella named Scott. You don't need to know more.

Gov. Scott of Florida
I have had questions about Gov. Scott....I mean, telepathic questions...but I have no idea what he is thinking. No one does.

Gov. Scott will not use the State's you wonder about that?

I don't know...there are so many coincidences....I didn't know what to think.

Close.....but not quite right :(

Then it came to me....I knew it!!! I just knew it!!

Gov. Scott of Florida  GREAT SCOTT

Well Bowl Me Over

Florida State the red and staying that way

I'm printing this little item if for no other reason than it is Earth Day and after reading it, my first comment was "Why on God's green earth........"

Florida State's victory in the 2014 BCS national championship game came with a price.
According to a report by the Tallahassee Democrat, the Seminoles' trip to Pasadena, Calif., to take on Auburn cost the school $2.82 million -- and left Florida State with a $500,000 loss.
University officials aren't worried, however, because the school expects to recoup the money. And then some. Thanks to Florida State's share of the ACC's bowl revenue, sales from merchandise and increases in ticket prices, the Seminoles expect to work their way out of the red.
The largest expense for Florida State was travel. The school sent 237 people to California as part of the team's travel party, which includes players and staff. An additional 416 people, many of them band members and cheerleaders, were in Pasadena for four days. Another 46 representatives from the school's faculty and athletics department also made the trip. In total, the Seminoles dropped $1.73 million on travel. 

(just as an aside, the team and coaches aren't included here - the 237 folks who went as part of the 'teams travel party'  are at best 'hangers on' who went at University expense.  And by the way, every person cost the University about $2,500)

The university also bought more than 2,000 tickets for band, faculty and other purposes, which amounted to $710,385. (I'm sure you did the math in your head but that's about $350/ticket --- ahh the cheap seats!)  While the university says it will make back this money, this amounts to the second straight game for which Florida State posted a loss of a half million dollars.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Midnight and the Stars and You

Leonid Meteor Shower (singular)
Tomorrow evening is the big ta-da night of  the Lyrid meteor showers.  It is also coincidental to a waning moon cycle.  I think I prefer the moon to the off and on chance of a shooting star....especially that last moon, the blood moon.

The annual Lyrid meteor shower occurs every year when Earth passes through debris left behind by Comet Thatcher, which makes a full orbit of the sun once every 415 years. At its peak this year — which is expected to happen in the pre-dawn hours Tuesday (April 22) — the Lyrid shower should produce about 20 meteors per hour.  Now you know. 

I'll want to go  out to see them last night as there are always some early arrivals,  but am pretty sure I'll fall asleep  and slept right through. My internal clock is, however, set for  about 3am tomorrow evening/morning; crescent moon darting around, little fireflies of comet dust, then partly cloudy and the show might be over. Something of a curtain falling.

Have to thank our lucky stars though for another  "curtain up". The performance is live, unedited, and free.

Ebb as opposed to flow

Ebb Tide
It is a time for me at least when the (my) glass is either half full or half empty...tide's neither in nor out.  And you know, of course, that there is nothing much you can do about it one way or another.

Ebb - (n)

  1. the flowing back of the tide as the water returns to the sea (opposed to floodflow ).
  2. a flowing backward or away; decline or decay: the ebb of a once great nation.
  3. a point of decline: His fortunes were at a low ebb
verb (used without object)
  1. to flow back or away, as the water of a tide (opposed to flow ).
  2. to decline or decay; fade away: His life is gradually ebbing.
I hadn't ever really thought about "ebb" being an intransitive verb.... always thought about it when the slack water hits.  Fact is, I haven't given intransitive verbs a second thought since Ms. Harris's honors English class about two centuries ago  ( intransitive verb doesn't have a direct object). I should know that.  I should know a lot of stuff I comes from being just smart enough to figure out that you can be lazy and get by. 
So now I sit at ebb tide and am not looking forward for a few days when I find out when low tide is in the offing.  I think I'll take the dog for a walk and start the day again.  Gad Zooks.

Jeux d'enfants - Petite Suite

Petite Sweets
There is a set of 12 small piano pieces composed by Georges Bizet for piano duet (piano four hands) in 1871. 
  1. L'escarpolette (The swing)
  2. La toupie (The top)
  3. La poupée (The doll)
  4. Les chevaux de bois (The hobby-horses)
  5. Le volant (Battledore and shuttlecock)
  6. Trompette et tambour (Trumpet and drum)
  7. Les bulles de savon (Soap bubbles)
  8. Les quatre coins (Puss in the corner)
  9. Colin-maillard (Blind Man's Bluff)
  10. Saute-mouton (Leap-frog)
  11. Petit mari, petite femme (Little husband, little wife)
  12. Le bal (The ball)   

Bizet orchestrated five of these (Nos. 6, 3, 2, 11, 12) as the Petite Suite.  I don't think he had grand daughters visiting on Easter.